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Guide to Proper

Cat-Girl Care

Revision v1.04

Congratulations on your new cat-girl! You have chosen a companion that will bring you years of joy, friendship and love. That said, there are a few things you will need to know about the proper care and maintenance of your new cat-girl. So, first off we'll need to go over the basics.

Essential Requirements.
1. Clothes:
Your cat girl will require basic clothing. Nothing too fancy at first is required. It is likely the shelter or breeder you received her from only had her wear basic t-shirts and pants/shorts. Almost any brand will do as long as they are cotton or natural fiber cat-girls have delicate skin. Undergarments' are at your discretion. Let your cat-girl smell and mark indicated rubbing her cheek against them the new clothing after you have handled the new clothing and rubbed them on your face before attempting to dress her in them. It is important she recognizes these clothes as gifts from her master your odor and are thus now hers her odor. Nicer, flashier clothing can be purchased later once your cat-girl settles into her new home, if you intend to Show or Breed her. Ferals and strays instinctively will wear whatever clothing they can scavenge. It is imperative that you get such a cat-girl her own clothing in accordance with the previously mentioned guidelines so that she will bond with you more quickly as her provider and caretaker. Be sure to undress a feral/stray with care when presenting her with new clothes. Her old clothes are a symbol of her old unbonded life and should be disposed of out her sight.
Shoes are optional and should not be forced. Shoes should still be required when the temperature reaches near freezing, if traveling outdoors..

2. Litter Box Logic
A. Many cat-girls are initially raised to use litter pans for elimination. By the time they are sexually mature a good breeder will typically have them toilet trained and you will only have to show her the basic functions of flushing and the location of sanitary cleaning materials.

However, if your cat-girl is a stray/feral from a shelter it is possible she was never fully toilet trained. This matter is fairly easily rectified in a few ways. When your cat-girl evinces signs of elimination squatting-straining calmly and carefully pick her up under the arms and place her on the toilet. Gently hold her there until she eliminates. Demonstrate proper sanitary wiping upon completion. Your cat-girl is a sanitary and fastidious creature. She will very quickly grasp the mechanics of clean and safe elimination on the toilet and be much happier for it, as will you.
B. Unfortunately, some cat girls have never been toilet trained or even spent much time indoors. This is especially true of strays and ferals. Additional time and patience is required to achieve the desired result. If your cat-girl will not permit you to pick her up to move to the toilet, when she evinces elimination it will be necessary to gradually shape her behavior. Be aware this may take a few days to a week or more. When she evinces elimination quickly and calmly place a Cat-Girlz! Brand floor nappy underneath her.
She will quickly equate the nappy with the spot for elimination. Again, cat-girls are neat and clean creatures about elimination. Now move the floor nappy closer to the bathroom each time, till finally the nappy is in front of the toilet. Then finally place the nappy over the toilet bowl. She will quickly grasp the implications. Be sure to use soothing and calm words during this procedure and praise her effusively when she eliminates on the proper instrument. Cat-girls, even strays and ferals are quick to respond to positive reinforcement.

3. Feeding Facts

Your new cat-girl has particular dietary concerns. A proper diet will ensure a fit, active and healthy companion of many years. A poor diet can result in an overweight, lethargic cat-girl with serious health issues.

Your cat-girl is bred to be specifically compatible with most human food. However particular care must be given avoid certain types of food except for occasional treats.

A proper diet consists of a large amount of daily protein intake to keep her happy and active.

We suggest:
Alcohol: should never be given to your cat-girl. It is metabolized in them in a similar fashion to humans. But an amount that would get an average person "buzzed" will likely have them passed out. Fortunately the smell of liquor is generally reviled by most breeds and can used to on objects to discourage their interest.

If your cat-girl begins to develop a belly, you should first cut back on sweets and attempt more vigorous exercise routines and longer play-time with her. If your cat-girl is from a less active breed you can control her weight by reducing the meal portion sizes and breaking them up over a period of time during the course of a day. It is important to keep your cat-girl on a schedule of feeding and to avoid snacking. Do not reward her begging. We know that can be darn hard!! But remember it's for her own good!
If you choose to take your meals with your cat girl at the table, it is best to let her have her own bowl. Utensils may not be required. Some of the more intelligent breeds are instinctive mimics and derive pleasure from imitating their masters with utensils. If she doesn't appear to want to use or be interested in utensils do NOT force them on her. Remember, cat-girls can be quite stubborn.

4. Grooming and Bathing


Your catgirl will spend a large amount of time grooming herself. Catgirls find their appearance very important and find the relationship between their own look and those of other catgirls very important.

Again, breeders will generally instruct your catgirl in the basic rudiments of grooming their head hair and taking care of the appearance of their ears and tail. Typically in these cases you will only have to provide your catgirl a mirror and basic grooming items: brushes, catgirl hair oils and catgirl soaps and skin conditioners.

DO NOT use human soaps and shampoos on your catgirl, her skin and scalp are very delicate. Take care to ONLY use S.P.C.G.A. approved products. If the breeder has been using a particular brand it is a good idea to stick with what your catgirl knows already.

Ferals and strays often have some difficulty with grooming, as they have never been taught properly. If this is the case, wait until you see your catgirl attempting to groom. This will often involve an awkward attempt to either lick or run her fingers through her hair. She may become a bit distressed and depressed. Sit beside her and offer her a soft brush. Be sure to let her smell and mark it.
This is important: Strays and ferals are very, very sensitive about items not marked as "theirs and master's". By establishing "her" property your stray/feral will begin to bond. The importance of her accepting you as her provider and caretaker is difficult to even exaggerate!
Begin gently, carefully brushingher hair from crown to back of her head. Be cautious of snags and snarls especially around the ears. After a few strokes your catgirl should have her eyes half-closed and she should begin to purr, demonstrating her pleasure and contentment. Catgirls enjoy being touched and petted by a beloved caretaker as much as any -girl. This simulates the grooming her mother provided when she was still in her care. Continue until her hair is brushed out neatly and the tufts of hair on her ears are lying smooth and untangled.

Praise her during the brushing and after. Offer her the mirror to see herself and praise/pet her. It won't take her long to get the hang of it! She will quickly begin to groom herself if left the tools once shown how. This alone should perk her up and provide valuable bonding tie. Be careful not to spoil her much by doing all the grooming!She may come to expect you do it every day, and you might find it hard to say no!

You need to be very careful about attempting to brush your catgirl's tail. Most are remarkably possessive of their tail. Indeed, their tail is the pride and dignity of your catgirl. Most catgirl spats and fights are started over insults and touching another catgirl's tail uninvited.
They generally prefer to groom their own tails. Attempting to do so without her explicit permission often ends in hissing, spitting and even biting! Therefore, it's strongly recommended not to go there unless invited. If you are lucky enough to have your own catgirl offer you their tail to groom, you should be honoured to be held in such high esteem by her. Please be certain to treat it with your utmost respect.


As previously entioned, your catgirl is a remarkably neat and clean creature, but even that being the case, she will require regular bathing. If she is a sedentary breed she may only require a weekly bath. More active breeds that energetically play and sweat may require almost daily bathing. Again, we cannot stress strongly enough that you use S.P.C.G.A. approved bathing products. Catgirls have no real body hair except for the head/ears and tail. Thus their skin is vulnerable to strong soaps which may cause itch and painful irritation.

A catgirl from a breeder is used to bathing. She generally will have been bathed with her siblings and mother. It is highly likely she will look forward to bathing. Indeed, many catgirls will investigate the tub while YOU are bathing. It may be difficult to dissuade her from joining you!

Again, ferals and strays may present their own challenges. Coaxing a stray/feral into the water is usually traumatizing, for both the owner and catgirl! Again, behaviour shaping often works best. Your catgirl will begin to display signs of disgust, such as hissing at her reflection in the mirror and demonstrating agitation with grooming herself if she begins to feel unclean and dirty. But if an actual tub of water is too frightening to her and you attempt to force-bathe her, she may become further distressed about her appearance and depressed by disobeying you.

If this occurs you can ease her distress accordingly. Begin by placing some warm water in a medium-sized bowl with some soft natural fiber cloths. Have several soft towels for drying handy. Add some catgirl soap to the warm water, wait until the foam settles. It is usually a good idea to do this in a room without a carpet. Call your catgirl to you and gently undress her. Speak soothingly and sit her on a towel, wring out a washcloth in the warm soapy water and again, let her smell it.

Begin to gently wipe her neck and shoulders. She may tense up initially, but continue wiping and speak calmly and gently to her. Praise and pet her if needed. Make sure the cloth stays warm and is not too sopping wet. Continue to wipe her torso and arms taking care to get under her breasts and arms. Extra care should be taken with catgirl breeds with large breasts as they are very sensitive to the touch even when not in season. By this point she should be relaxed and/or almost comatose! If she is still tense, continue to wash her upper body until she relaxes while speeking soothingly. Mutual trust will get you through this!

The afromentioned catgirl soap can also be used on her hair in lieu of a catgirl shampoo until she can be bathed in a proper tub. Use a bit more water on the wash cloth and be sure to dampen all the hair thoroughly while avoiding getting water in her ears. You would only frustrate her and yourself. The soapy water can be left to dry in her hair without rinsing, as there are quick-drying hypoallergenic compounds in the soap. Make sure her eyes are bright, clear and not bloodshot. Take the opportunity to examine the insides of her ear folds for signs of irritation and wax build-up that may be causing her distress. Feel the muscles of her upper and lower back while washing. They should be firm and should not demonstrate sensitivity. Be alert for anything that seems amiss with her joints and extremities. An ounce of prevention will prevent a lot of pain later. Your catgirl may know something is wrong with her, but she might be unable or unwilling to describe or articulate it properly.

Continue by washing her legs and feet, checking them for splinters, blisters and other injuries. Her legs should bend smoothly and easily. Moving on, be sure to clean her genitals and anus thoroughly. She may become agitated or uncomfortable while doing so initially. Be gentle! This is a sensitive region! Continue to speak soothingly and calmly until done. It is important for her genitals and anus to be clean in or der to avoid irritation and infections of the delicate tissues. Be sure to check for any unusual rashes or signs of irritation. Most catgirls will enjoy this inadvertent genital stimulation during bath time by their masters even when not in season and encourage you to continue, so be careful to not overdo it as it may teach her bad habits!
Continue this "dry bathing" for a week or more, until she is comfortable with it. Then move the bathing spot to the bathroom by the tub. Then over the next few times try "dry bathing" with her in the empty tub until she willingly climbs into the tub. Next, have about an inch of warm water in the tub. Then a few more inches, then one time with the tap running very softly. Eventually she will happily jump into a full tub with or without you! Be sure to offer her the washcloth and indicate her tail. She should generally be left alone to wash her own tail, unless she indicates it is alright for you to do so. Remember, you are handling your catgirl's pride and joy! Treat it with dignity and respect, and she'll thank you for it.

Showers should generally be avoided as catgirls' ears can be filled with water easily if the water pressure is too high, causing ear-aches and possible ear infections. If your catgirl insists on showering with you, coax her into wearing a waterproof shower cap. Then wash her hair in the sink or tub normally. Your catgirl will quickly learn how to run a bath for herself when she needs one, or you can get her on a schedule to bathe with you.

Your catgirl will learn her grooming and bathing habits from YOU so be sure to do a good job!

Help dry her if desired and leave her to finish her own grooming with a brush unless she indicates otherwise. Some catgirls will dry themselves once they know what to do and others will be insistent about their master doing it. Remember, the same rules about her tail apply as in grooming or bathing as to drying. Bath times should be an enjoyable experiance for you both together or a source of pride for her to be able to do it by herself.

5. Safety in the Home

Your cat-girl, as she settles in to her new home, will be both
adventurous and very cautious about exploring. Be sure your home is a
safe and inviting place.
1. Keep sharp objects which are usually shiny out her reach
2. Make sure the household plants are "cat-girl" safe, see for more information
3. Keep your dirty clothes in a sealable hamper. She will likely end up
finding the scent of her master intoxicating so to keep your clothes
safe keep them put up. dog-girls are not alone in this behavior.
4. Insure she cannot get herself tangled up in power cords while you may or may not be at home.
5. Make sure any cleaning chemicals, cooking ingredients and medicines are secured.
6. Ensure doors and windows are locked till you are sure she will not
wander outside unless accompanied by a household member.

6. Playtime!

Your cat-girl is an inquisitive, bright and intelligent being. Depending on the breed and specific breeder plans your cat-girl will be at least as intelligent as a 5 year old human toddler to being almost indistinguishable from a late teenage girl. These descriptions are not entirely comparable as she will in either case be a fully functional member of her own species regardless. And as such they will crave stimulation and activity in levels determined by breed, intelligence and personality. Luckily for you, she will be distracted by almost anything. Any of the Petgirlco line of cat-girl toys will keep her endlessly entertained. Keep in mind the best playtime she will have will be when YOU are playing with her.
She will enjoy stalking and pouncing on you if you are so inclined or watching TV, or observing you in your hobbies. If you allow this be SURE to correct her if she bites while roughhousing. When she is done playing be sure to stop. Some cat-girls, from the more intelligent
breeds, may show interest in particular TV shows and even books! Teaching your cat-girl basic literacy is possible, again depending on your patience, her breed and personality. You may find having a fairly articulate and literate cat-girl a bit more of a handful than some
Owners who do not encourage this, but you will have companion that can react better in an emergency involving you or her home and to say nothing of a companion you can converse with!

You should generally keep your cat-girl indoors unless accompanied by you or a household member. Many owners enjoy taking their cat-girl out shopping and to parks to play. This can be a bit risky with other cat-girls and dog-girls around. If she is well trained and an intelligent breed, outings may prove beneficial to her advanced socialization and acquiring additional life skills. It is important to keep her in check as the outside world will be full of sights smells and other -girl animals she has not experienced. The situation may be a bit daunting for her at first. Try time in the yard first. Progress to short trips around the neighborhood. before leaving familiar areas. Most cat-girls if coaxed and encouraged can easily travel in cars and trains even on long trips. Be sure to bring toys and snacks!

7. Downtime

Cat-girls will typically sleep about 10-14 hours a day. Some owners claim they need so much sleep because of their supercharged levels of energy for the rest of the day! She will usually curl up with her master before naps. This is an excellent time for bonding by petting and stroking her. She will indicate her contentment by a rhythmic purring and her ears laying slight back and down. She may smile and sigh and snuggle against you and "kneed" her fingers in your legs. Cat-girls have been shown to have a therapeutic affect on individuals suffering from depression and high levels of stress. Depending on her age she may even attempt to nurse on finger or piece of cloth! Don't be offended, this is a singular honor your cat girl is paying you unconsciously.

It is your choice as to the disposition of her sleeping arrangements. Some owners have a normal human bed prepared, others a small cushioned area for her to stretch out on. Still others allow their cat-girl to sleep in the same bed. Regardless of your choice it is important to mark her sleeping space with your scent. However your cat-girl may wish to make her own sleeping arrangements Allow her to explore a bit. Strays and ferals are more prone to sleeping alone in their home till they get used to their new life. Then they usually desire the presence of their master while sleeping. Cat-girls rarely sleep in clothing they generally find it too constricting so be sure their clean clothing is nearby for dressing when they awaken. Ferals and strays are usually extremely difficult to relocate from the owner's bed if they have gotten used to sleeping there, be alert to this. They will jealously and even violently defend their sleeping privilege against dog-girls and rabbit girls and even human females! So be warned if you let your cat-girl share your bed on regular basis.

8. Health Concerns
Cat girl breeds are specifically tested and monitored to ensure the maximum healthy lifespan and identify any possible weaknesses in them. Your cat-girl will require a visit to your local Cat-Girl Health Care Provider within 6 months to insure that she is settling in with her master and that no lurking health issues have yet to surface, then visits yearly thereafter. The CGHCP will give you an overall view her health and any additional advice or lifestyle/feeding changes that may be needed.
All approved breeders are carefully monitored to ensure the litters produced are full of healthy, energetic and intelligent kittens. Genetic screening on kittens is done in the first few weeks following birth to make sure all gene markers are within norms. This will ensure cat-girl companions that will have long and happy lives. The average life of your cat-girl will depend on the breed but due to advances in nano-tech you can easily expect a lifelong companion!

It is still of vital importance for owners watch over their cat-girls overall health under the guidance of an accredited CGHCP.
If you notice sudden changes in your cat-girls temperament, bowel movements, appetite and/or vomiting or diarrhea than last more than 24 hours: Contact your CGHCP IMMEDIATELY!

9. Reproductive Concerns:
Your cat-girl, upon sexual maturity usually in her 5-7th year, will go into "season" 3-4 times a year. During this time she will be sexually receptive and capable of conceiving. Do not breed your cat-girl unless under the strict supervision of a Licensed and Accredited Breeder Registered cat-boys are rare and rigorously screened for genetic defects; a mating with an unlicensed male can produce still born offspring or worse! *

Identifying that your cat-girl is in "season" or "heat" is fairly easy. She will be flushed in the face. She will be even more insistent for your affection, often in socially awkward ways. She may even avoid you and alternate between extremes of affection and anger!

Her behavior may envince in appropriate behaviors in front of other. She may begin touching her genitals and may insist that you do so as well in inappropriate situations. Your cat-girl may "present" at you randomly *getting on all fours and lifting her buttocks towards you* and even attempt to have you mount her during bathing or grooming, by awkwardly pulling you onto her. She may rub up inappropriately against objects for sexual stimulation.

This awkward behavior can be handled thusly:
  1. Cat-CareCo.'s Feline Relief pills. They contain a synthetic progesterone analogue to suppress the ovulation cycle and a mild tranquilizer to minimize the undesired behaviors. A single pill with her morning meal will keep her decently calm for up to 24-32 hours. The known side effects are excessive sleeping, headache, nausea and lack of appetite. This is an excellent option for owners during busy work periods or owners that are a bit squeamish about their cat-girls breeding cycle. If drug control of your cat-girl's ovulation is contraindicated by current medication or an aversion to synthetic hormones or if financial issues prevent purchase there exist other options for the prudent owner.

  2. The worst of your cat girl's behaviors can be mitigated with daily manual stimulation during her ovulation week.
    Make sure your hands are clean and/or you are wearing a latex glove. When she "presents" kneel behind her and pull her pants down, spread her thighs as needed. Place one hand on the small of her back just above the tail and apply firm pressure *this simulates the weight of a male* Take the other hand and gently insert your fore finger into her vagina. The number of fingers will depend upon the build of your cat-girl. Given the state of her agitation you may need to add an additional finger or two.
She should not require lubrication if in season. The cat-girl vagina was modeled closely on the human female vagina to facilitate easier care. Curl the finger(s) slightly upward and work them up to the last knuckle in a back and forth motion. Start slowly and work up to a fast and firm pace. Your cat-girl should begin to vocalize (moan, mew, whimper, growl) and tightly contract her vaginal muscles against your fingers and press her hips back against your hand. She will climax at least once over 3-5 minutes, perhaps more. Her climax (analogous to a human female's orgasm) is usually indicated by loud vocalizations, rhymic contractions of her vagina followed by slumping over, ragged breathing and panting. At this point, it is usually a good idea to give her a break.

Continue finger insertion until this occurs, and then rapidly and with force insert your fingers several more times and then stop while pushing the tips of your fingers firmly against her cervix for several seconds. *this simulates the male's orgasm" The extra force you use to simulate male climax will not injure her, as a male's penis is knobby and covered with nurled spines, and can be generally fairly painful for your cat-girl, so even if you are fairly clumsy and unsure it will be difficult to cause her discomfort or injury.
Now spent, this is a good time to wipe her vagina of the accumulated sexual lubrication fluids she has produced in abundance. You may notice a scent of salty and slightly sweet. This is normal. She may shake uncontrollably if you wipe her with too much pressure, so be gentle!

She's had an exhausting run! Stroke her hair gently and talk encouragingly to her. This is a time of extremes of emotion, stress and agitation for your cat-girl. Please be supportive and extra kind to her during this period!
She may sleep, or rest for a bit and likely awake and seek another round of stimulation. The first round is generally the longest, next time or two can usually be brief. At this point it is generally unlikely she will require more attention till the next day. This will depend on your cat-girl's personality.

Exercise care bathing her after this as her genitals will likely be a bit puffy, red and very sensitive. If she seeks additional stimulation while bathing you can accomplish relief for her by locating and gently manipulating her clitoris in slow clockwise and counter-clockwise circles. At this point, stimulation of her nipples by fingers or mouth will likely be appreciated. If she indicates she desires manual insertion you may do so at your discretion. Her climax may take a bit and be particularly intense and emotional for her, which may be expressed as crying, sobbing or clutching onto you, but will put her out of commission for a while and you can have a well deserved break.
Your cat-girl will likely spend the time you have together that day afterwards being especially attentive and affectionate towards you. You may wish to give her a favorite treat or toy to settle her further down. If she "presents" again in the evening, it is the owner's choice to
indulge her or not if she is not demonstrating distress. This offer for stimulation is most likely a desire to bond further with her master not a desperate hormone induced plea. It is not a good idea to provide manual stimulation in your bed or sleeping area, lest she come to associate mating with the sleeping arrangements! If you live alone this may not be a problem. If you have a significant other, they may very well take that amiss!

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