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Frequently asked questions:

Many people have questions regarding their catgirls, ranging from hilarious mishaps to very bad ideas. The developer(s) of this site decided to address a couple of them!

Is my catgirl broken? She keeps staring at me for no apparent reason.

Don't worry, that's normal! Catgirls often stare at things, both living and inanimate, they are inteerested in. Your catgirl is clearly just curious of your daily routine. This is a good sign, because now you can try bonding with her by inviting her to take a closer look at what you are doing. Unless it's particularly complicated or dangerous, you can even try and get her to join you!

Can catgirls eat cat food?

While most catgirls have been taught to eat human food, they can still eat food made for normal cats. However, try to avoid this as she may refuse to eat cat food.

How long is the average lifespan of a catgirl?

The catgirl lifespan is heavily dependent on her breed, although most breeds can life for up to 90 years under good care. Some breeds, however, won't live much longer as your average cat.

My catgirl and I were caught by rain while walking home. Do you think I could help her hair and tail to dry by putting her in a microwave oven for just a little while?

Your question has led us to believe that you aren't a suitable owner for your catgirl, and have put forward a request for the local police to pay you a visit. Any sane person knows that by putting her in a microwave oven she would die a cruel, painful death. We have put this question on the site to make sure similiar events won't happen in the future, as well as given a word to catgirl breeders to both teach the catgirls not to follow their masters' orders in such situations as well as let the new owners know this is strictly forbidden. No exceptions!

Do catgirls have a second pair of human ears?

No! If your catgirl has human ears it is very likely that she is actually a human who is cosplaying as a catgirl.
The term "four-ears" is viewed as a very rude insult against catgirls, so please be thoughtful and avoid the topic around them.